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Micromotore Saeshin mod. Strong 210 35.000 rpm con manipolo garanzia 1 anno

The Pinch Sticks are designed to create the perfect c-curve. The Pinch Sticks have 7 different sizes, which gives you the possibility to pinch every nail. Packed in a transparent case.

The Tweezer is a versatile instrument suitable for the nail technician and beautician. For nail techs, this is the perfect instrument for pinching the perfect C-Curve into your acrylic nail extensions.

Punta fresa DIAMANTATA forma DISCO FINE grana media (blu)

Punta fresa DIAMANTATA forma DISCO SPESSO grana media (blu)

Cuticles reveal how much care your nails get. Excess cuticle not only gives your hands a neglectedappearance but also influences the nail growth negatively. This Cuticle Pusher is a completely sanitizable two-in-one tool.

Wear this Palette Ring on your thumb while creating the most beautiful nail art. Use the rectangular stainless steel surface as palette and you will have all the colors at your disposal next to the fingertip.

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items